Fabian Terler´s practice incorporates film, sound, installation and sculpture to describe concepts of time and space, anthropologic themes and personal as well as universal ideas. His works often combine a research based documental style with an abstract way of expression.

Terler is interested in the notions of time and space as a resource for artistic work and tries to use different kinds of media that fit the idea that is to be expressed. He strongly believes in the symbiotic relation humans still have with the planet and tries to document the always shifting states in which mankind conquers earth and nature is retaking those places. But he also deals with a humanity that is drifting more and more into a sort of metareality in a critical way and tries to counteract that trend with his works.

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Group Exhibitions

"Werkschau", KEIL Gallery Graz, 2020

"Grand Hotel KEIL", Reininghausgründe Graz, 2019

"Current Situation", Zwingli Kirche Berlin, 2017

"Rundgang", Kunstuni Linz, 2017

"Rota Keil", Raumschiff Linz, 2017

"Werkschau", Kunstuni Linz, 2016

"Opus Cuneigenum", Gotische Hallen Graz, 2016

"Der Dritte Krieg", Designhalle Graz, 2015

"Perpetuum Mobile", Papierfabrik Graz, 2013