3D Lenticular Print Tryptich + Soundinstallation


Practical Part

The practical part of Virtuality, Death & Immanence will consist of a 3D-Lenticular Print Tryptich, depicting images made with the software Cinema 4D. Through the use of the Lenticular technique, an illusion of depth on the flat surface of the prints should be achieved, which plays into the aspects of the theoretical parts overspanning theme of virtuality. The motives of the prints will be assemblages of corporeal depictions i.e. body parts and also text, flat images and motives of nature such as a rhizomatic root system. Baroque still lifes surve as inspiration. Supporting the prints will be a soundinstallation consisting of language which constantly shifts from abstract murmur to almost concrete thoughts, yet never will there be totally logic language. The sound should add another dimension to the prints illusion of depth. 

First visual draft { mood image }:


Theoretical Part

Instead of focusing on a singular theme, the theoretical part will discuss a multiplicity of different subjects/ideas which will use the themes Virtuality, Death & Immanence as a sort of guideline to build around. The goal is to write a sort of rhizomatic text, that gives the reader the chance to freely choose which parts of the text to read and in what order to do so. This way of writing is based on Gilles Deleuze's and Felix Guattari's writing in "A thousand plateaus", who's theories will also be a large contributor to the text, especially Deleuze's concept of virtuality.

Theme draft: