Single Channel Video 

Length: 18 min.

[A] 2021


At the core of "The Deepest is the Skin" lies a certain feeling of loss, or losslessness rather. The feeling that something in oneself is missing, some thing that seems to never truly having been there to begin with. "Nullpunkt" or what have you...this overwhelming emotion might best be described as a nostalgia for the future, a longing for the potentiality of all objects yet to come.

Drawing from elements of hypnosis the video tries to put the viewers in a transce-like state, making them very aware of their immanent corporeal qualities while simultaniously denying them a full empathetic resolution throughout the work.

"Fading memories of a happier day when one was still innocent of the crimes done against oneself."



Theoretical Part

Instead of focusing on a singular theme, the theoretical part will discuss a multiplicity of different subjects/ideas which will use the themes Virtuality, Death & Immanence as a sort of guideline to build around. The goal is to write a sort of rhizomatic text, that gives the reader the chance to freely choose which parts of the text to read and in what order to do so. This way of writing is based on Gilles Deleuze's and Felix Guattari's writing in "A thousand plateaus", who's theories will also be a large contributor to the text, especially Deleuze's concept of virtuality.

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